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2021 UAC Food Donation Volunteer Event - Hong Kong Dog Rescue





6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po, HK


22 April 2021 (Thu)


15:00 - 17:00



Food donation volunteer event will be taken place on 22 April 2021 (THU), to delivery all dog food from 29 March to 11 April 2021 "Stanley Plaza x Food Salvager Urban Adventure Challenge 2021" event directly to Hong Kong Dog Rescue. And be distributed to the dog with needs, we need your support, sign up now!

Due to the epidemic situation and restrictions, the number of volunteer is limited. If over the applicants limit, will randomly select a list of applicants.

《Volunteer Event Arrangements》

【Event Date】22 April 2021 (Thu)
【Event Time】15:00 - 17:00 
【Event venue】Hong Kong Dog Rescue (Tai Po Centre)

6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong (Map)
【Meeting Time】14:15 (Around 20mins walk to the venue)
【Meeting Location】Tai Wo MTR Exit A
【Quotas】5pax (2pax in 1 group)


《Event Rundown》

1. Registration & briefing 
2. Kennel Tour
3. Dog-Walking
4. Materials moving


  1. Above 18-year old

  2. Not to bring any children or pets

  3. Most dogs are allowed to run freely in individual enclosure, volunteers have to prepare for barking, greeting or event jumping of dogs.

  4. Suggested to wear in sport clothes and sneakers (no high-heels or flip-flops)

  5. Prepare your own sun-blocking items and mosquito repellent (as will be working in an outdoor environment)

  6. All dogs in HKDR have been already vaccinated against rabies and other infectious canine diseases, participants also pay attention to the reaction risk of dogs.

  7. Participants who have visited provinces / regions at high risk of the epidemics in the past 14 days before the event date (22/4) are advised not to attend to ensure the health and safety of other participants and staff.

  8. Participants register and attend this event, which represents that he / she is voluntary, and are willing to bear all the responsibility. The organizers and other relevant agencies are not required to bear any responsibility or any property damage or lost, injury or death.

  9. To ensure the health and safety of other participants and staff, we will perform infrared thermometer to measure the body temperature when the participants during registration. If the temperature is higher than normal (37 degrees Celsius), that participant please MUST drop out the event.

  10. All participants MUST wear a mask to attend.

  11. Prepare for epidemic prevention, please bring disinfection and cleaning supplies to keep your hands clean (such as: alcohol hand sanitizer, disinfection wipes ..)

  12. In response to the instability situation relating to the coronavirus, we will pay high attention to the epidemic situation.  If the epidemic continues to spread, we will consider for canceling or changing the activity method, and announce the arrangement on 21 April afternoon.




The Online Enrollment starts on 9 April 2021 to 15 April 2021 (1200 noon).

FOODSPORT will announce the list of the selected participants at FOODSPORT Facebook Page on 19 April 2021 (1200 noon), where a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the participants at 3pm on the following day.


*To ensure that the enrollment can be carried out fairly, please do not repeat the registration or submit false information. FOODSPORT reserves all final rights to disqualify any registration if any false information is found*