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大埔汀角 SUPWAYHK 基地


Ting Kok, Tai Po


11 June 2023 (Sunday)


09:00 - 13:30


FOODSPORT is a social enterprise who strives to promote healthy living to the community. By combining FOOD with SPORT, FOODSPORT organizes regular community sporting activates to encourage the community to become more active, at the same time, converting all burnt calories into food units for donation to the needed ones in Hong Kong, making every drop of sweat count for addressing hunger.


The primitive usually fished by taking kayak in ancient times.

Kayak was one of the survival tool. Until now, kayak is one of the most popular watersport in the world.

Imagine that you are in the center of the sea and taking a sunbath on the kayak. What a chill moment!


FOODSPORT is pleased to collaborate with SUPWAYHK to organize ”Kayak Ocean Bath“ calorie drive activity.

SUPWAYHK Instructors will provide a kayak basic skill and safety training before heading out into Ting Kok mangrove,

to learn about the mangrove ecology, and open up your mind and senses from the ultimate Ocean Bath experience.

“麒麟怪怪”, a local shop promoting environment ecosystem, will share some farming experiences with us.


Same as previous community activities, all burnt calories will be collected and donated to our seasonal beneficiary

"Food Grace". Let’s move and exercise for hunger together.



SUPWAYHK founded by two water sports enthusiasts. They organize beach clean up activities regularly hoping to raise public awareness on ecological environment of Hong Kong and connect people with the nature.  More details :


Established in 2009, when Hong Kong was experiencing the financial tsunami, the economic downturn and the rising unemployment rate made the life of a group of deprived people even worse. At the same time, we found that a lot of food was discarded from the supply chain. Food Grace adopted a simple and direct method: when collecting vegetables in the Tai Po market, we used trolleys to greet each food stall, and tried to encourage them to donate leftover food and donate it to unemployed workers in Tai Po District.


Today, Food Grace have not only established a systematic supply chain for recycling and distributing food, and continue to benefit the grassroots through leftover food, but also take the promotion of food cherishing for all people as our responsibility, and use the strategy of "recycling, education, and advocacy" to help solve local kitchen problems. I question. More details :




*Each participant can fill one more friend/family information per registration

(If over limited, will randomly select the name list)


HK$200 per head

(Fees include insurance, equipment, lockers, coach fees and food donations)

*The confirmed participants will receive the payment notification mail, if the participant fails to pay within deadline,

it will be deemed to have waived the right to attend and the place will be transferred to other participants.


16 years old or above


Meet up : 08:00am at Tai Po Market MTR Station A1 Exit (Map)

(We will take bus to the event venue together. Any participant who are late,

please make your own way to the event venue )

Event Time : 09:00am

Event Location : SUPWAY Basecamp, 202 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po (Map)

*Due to the tight schedule of the event, please be on time for on-site registration. Any delay will be not accepted


Kayak basic skills training , Visit Ting Kok mangrove, Ocean Bath,

Farming experiences Sharing,Calorie Cheque Ceremony


  1. Participants must follow the instructions given by the on-site instructors.

  2. Participants must follow the rules of LEAVE NO TRACE to protect the nature and should not pick/catch marine life.

  3. Participants must wear life jackets during activity to ensure their own safety.

  4. Participants must wear appropriate clothes and equipment, otherwise they will not participate in the activity (slippers/sandals are not allowed)

  5. Participants should prepare enough light food and drinks (at least 1.5L) to maintain their energy. <No lunch time arrangement included>

  6. Prepare your own waterproof and sunscreen supplies.

  7. The venue provided changing Room, bathroom and washroom for all participants to use.

  8. Participants who do not know how to swim are not recommended to participate in this event.

  9. Participants must prepare towels, spare dry clothes to change and footwear.

  10. If participants feel unwell during the activity, please notify the staff immediately, and the staff will arrange a safe place to rest.

  11. Participants may choose to buy or not to buy any insurance according to their personal needs.

  12. Please respect the nature by LEAVE NO TRACE. Be responsible to your own rubbish.



  1. On event day, if typhoon 3 or above typhoon signal, Red / Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, the organizer(s) will make announcement on FOODSPORT Facebook Page ( at least TWO (2) hours prior, to confirm the event status. Participants will NOT be informed individually on the event updates. Therefore, please stay tune with our Facebook Page.

  2. During the event, in case of weather instability, due to the safety of the participants and instructors, we will find shelter at a covered and safe ground until the rain eased off before continuing.

  3. On event day, If bad weather is issued, the organizer(s) will refund the registration fees (HK$200) to participants. The refund procedure will be notified by email.

  4. FOODSPORT will consider the event cancel which is according to the on-site situation and environment condition.  Participants will NOT be informed individually on the event updates. Therefore, please stay tune with our Facebook Page (

  5. In case of any dispute, FOODSPORT reserves the rights on all final decisions.


FOODSPORT will be calculating the calories burnt according to the person data of every individuals (such as; Gender, Age, Weight, exercise duration and intensity etc.) All burnt calories will be converted into the equivalence amount of calories worth of food for FOODSPORT's seasonal food donations, donated to our beneficiaries and the needy directly.





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The Online Enrollment starts on 27 May 2023 (Sat, 1200 noon) to 2 June 2023 (Fri, 1200 noon).

FOODSPORT will announce the list of the selected participants at FOODSPORT Facebook Page on 5 June 2023 (1200 noon), the confirmed participants will receive the confirmation & payment notification mail at 3pm on the following day.


*To ensure that the enrollment can be carried out fairly, please do not repeat the registration or submit false information. FOODSPORT reserves all final rights to disqualify any registration if any false information is found*


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