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Sheung Shui Big Water Viaduct 5km Community Run



Sheung Shui Choi Yuen Estate Theater


24 September 2023 (Sunday)



16:45 - 19:00


"FOODSPORT Community Run" is a series of Calorie Drive Street Running Programme organized by FOODSPORT; we will take you to run at different districts and routes, to feel the pulse of the city by running, and at the same time, rising for under-privileged groups in Hong Kong.


Sheung Shui is located in the west of the North District of the New Territories of Hong Kong. Apart from the indigenous residents, I believe that most people has the impression that it is a faraway area. This time will bring all runners to get to know more about the community of Sheung Shui. 

The starting point of the Choi Yuen Theater at Choi Yuen Estate, passing by a basketball court covered by a flyover - Tai Tau Ling Playground. This course is very consistent with the characteristics of Hong Kong, which is small and crowded. It is a playground surrounded by concrete forests. Therefore, it became one of the scenes of the Hong Kong-produced movie.  Afterwards, we will run along the Shek Sheung River to junction of Sheung Yue River and Ng Tung River.  We will stop for a while at the famous Big Water Viaduct in Sheung Shui, with the trains pass by on the sidetracks, runners can feel like they are in the plot of a movie!


Same as before, all burnt calories will be collected and be donated to our beneficiary "AMITY". Let's exercise for hunger together. Registration will be available online from 9 September (Saturday, 1200 noon) to 15 September (Friday, 1200 noon).



Local social enterprise, established in 2019.  Supporting 150 subdivided households and 250 elderly households living alone in the North District. Through the regular donation of food or daily necessities, a total of nearly 2 million Hong Kong dollars worth of daily necessities have been distributed over the years, and we are committed to relieving the living burden of grassroots families.


Local Brand Made in Hong Kong, we carefully select local harvests in Hong Kong, our locally created brand with its series of food products, has been providing a friendly working environment for minority groups in Hong Kong. We reserve 20% of proceeds for employment of disadvantaged groups and community charity work.


We encourage customer to choose products from social enterprise, so it could benefit those in need in the community, relieve poverty issue and promote a fairer society.





MUST 12years old or above

*Participants under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by one parent to participate


150px, registration now

*Each participant can fill one more friend/family information per registration

(If over limited, will randomly select the name list)



Choi Yuen Estate Choi Yuen Estate Theater > Tai Tau Leng Playground > Shek Sheung River > Sheung Yue River > Big Water Viaduct > Return to start point (Est. 5km, updated)



(Five stars as most difficult)




(Five stars as most flat surface)


Limited bag drop will be provided on-site.
*please come light and don’t bring a valuables and to keep personal belongings carefully. FOODSPORT will not be responsible for any deposited items.


Runners are encouraged to bring your own water bottles for drinks.


FOODSPORT will calculating your calorie loss according to your personal data (Such as weight, gender, age etc.), the exercise intensity and duration. All burnt calories will be converted into the equivalence amount of calories worth of food for donation to our beneficiaries "AMITY" and the needy directly.


  1. Participants should make sure their health conditions are suitable for the event. Without sufficient rest or feeling unwell before the event, runners should seek medical advice in advance and consider not to attend. During the run, do seek help from the volunteers if you are feeling unwell.

  2. Participants are advised to stop eating two hour before the event. You should also avoid foods that are too fatty or that have too much fiber. Eat carbohydrates to absorb energy.

  3. Participants are advised to wear proper sportswear for the event (Trainers, running tee and shorts)

  4. Participants are advised do take protective measures against UV and cold, such as applying sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing.

  5. Keep drinking plenty of water to recover the loss during the run. There is water supply at sports ground.

  6. Lavatory not available at meeting point.

  7. If necessary, please bring your own disinfection and cleaning supplies to keeep your hands clean (such as: alcohol hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes..)

  8. Please take note of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), especially when the Health Risk Category reaches high, very high or serious. Please consult medical advice to decide whether to participate in outdoor activities.

  9. Participants register and attend this event, which represents that he / she is voluntary, and are willing to bear all the responsibility. The organizers and other relevant agencies are not required to bear any responsibility or any property damage or lost, injury or death


  1. Participants register and attend this event, which represents that he / she is voluntary, and are willing to bear all the responsibility. The organizers and other relevant agencies are not required to bear any responsibility or any property damage or lost, injury or death.

  2. FOODSPORT will use your personal information and any photos / videos taken from the event in accordance with the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance," the relevant provisions and confidential. The information you provide (including name, telephone number and email address) will be used to FOODSPORT's products and activities to promote the use, including (but not limited to) products, promotional activities, concessions, seminars, sports training, etc. information. In any case, FOODSPORT will not disclose your personal information to third parties. If you do not wish your personal information be used for promotional purposes, please indicate when providing information, or feel free to email to, title written on the "unsubscribe".

  3. FOODSPORT will consider the event cancel which is according to the on-site situation and environment condition. Participants will NOT be informed individually on the event updates. Therefore, please stay tune with our Facebook Page (

  4. In case of any dispute, FOODSPORT reserves the rights on all final decisions.


On event day, if typhoon 3 or above typhoon signal, thunderstorm warning, Yellow / Red / Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, the organizer(s) will make announcement on FOODSPORT Facebook Page ( at least TWO (2) hours prior, to confirm the event status. Participants will NOT be informed individually on the event updates. Therefore, please stay tune with our Facebook Page.

During the event, in case of weather instability, due to the safety of the participants and instructors, we will find shelter at a covered and safe ground until the rain eased off before continuing.


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The registration starts on 9 September 2023 (1200 noon) to 15 September 2023 (1200 noon).

The notification of lottery result e-mail will be send to the participants on 18 September 2023 (Mon) around 3pm.

*To ensure that the registration can be carried out fairly, please do not repeat the registration or submit false information. FOODSPORT reserves all final rights to disqualify any registration if any false information is found*


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