10km Chill Hea Team Race


Please select your "Character" before filling in the registration form​


Each member required to select DIFFERENT "Character" for the race. Character options as below.




Runners are required to use strategy to choose a Character as your running partner, where you finishing time will be affected by the values of the Character that you and your team have chosen. The team with the fastest Chill Hea Team Race finishing time wins.

  • In a team of fours, all four runners should run as a team to complete 10km

  • All team members should select a Character individually at registration

  • Every Character contains different values (E.g. Usagi = 1)

  • Individual finishing time of the event runners will be used to multiply member's Character's values

  • The total sum of all four members' finishing time will be calculated and the team with the fastest Chill Hea Team Official Time wins

Please see below for an example:



  • All registered team member's information must be final.

  • FOODSPORT WILL NOT accept any changes after registration.

  • If more than one team having the same score, the result will be determined by the average official time of the team.



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