Why is the company called FOODSPORT?

FOODSPORT is a Social Enterprise that combines FOOD with SPORT. FOODSPORT aims to encourage the community to participate in sports which, at the same time, raise food for the needed ones to develop a healthy and sustainable society.

Is FOODSPORT a Hong Kong registered charitable organization?

FOODSPORT is a self sustain social innovation project of a Social Enterprise called "Symbol Of Alliance".  We insist in operating the organization as a Company Limited registry (non-charitable organization under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) , to fulfill the responsibility of operating a business oriented social enterprise, sustaining and develop out business and at the same time, serving the community. All of our beneficiaries are charitable organizations under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, to ensure the food and financial donations are for charity purpose.

Why the event name is called Food Salvager - Urban Adventure Challenge 2019?

The event name was chosen to deliver the true meaning and the purpose of the event, which is to address hunger and raise public awareness on food waste through sport. In addition, we would like to create an unforgettable city hunt experience for all participants, families and friends, taking this opportunity to create more synergy among the government bodies, corporate and social organizations, joint hands to celebrate and promote healthy living through sport.

What is the different in between Food Salvager Urban Adventure Challenge 2019 than the other charitable city hunt events?

Food Salvager - Urban Adventure Challenge 2019 is the first and the only "Calorie drive" city hunt competition organize by FOODSPORT in Hong Kong (We raise calories, not funds). Every participants will have the chance to make a difference to our community by donating their burnt calories to the people with needs in Hong Kong, making every drop of sweat is for a good caused.

Where will the proceeds from the event goes to?

The proceeds of the event, after deduction of the event operating costs and the cost of food purchasing for donation, all will go to FOODSPORT’s “Food Assistance” and "Community Sport Development" programs, enables FOODSPORT to continue to sustain and expand our meaningful work in prompting healthy living and address poverty and hunger in Hong Kong.

Our charity partner also welcomes additional public donations to support their community programs, benefit more people with needs in Hong Kong.

Why FOODSPORT raises "Calories" and not "Funds"?

We believe doing good and positive things is beyond the value of money. We are creating a new concept of charity and volunteering work by engaging the public to do sport for the good of our community. Every drop of sweat, every bit of energy that you burnt will be converted into a nutrition meal / food for a person with needs, to address hunger in Hong Kong.

How to calculate and convert calories into food?

FOODSPORT Nutrition Adviser will calculate each and every runners' calories loss according to the personal data provided at the enrollment (such as gender, date of birth and weight), and exercise intensity and duration of your run. We will gather all burnt calories and convert them into food units for our donation to the under-privileged groups in Hong Kong. FOODSPORT Nutrition Adviser will select and donate the food that is most suitable for the beneficiaries.

Where does the donated food comes from?

The donated food are sponsored by corporates sponsorship and individuals (Registration fees). FOODSPORT will be donating the the exact amount (or more) of food, equivalent to the amount of burnt calories, to our beneficiary at the post event food donation volunteer event.

When and how the raised food be delivered to the beneficiary?

FOODSPORT will be organizing a food donation volunteer event in End of June 2019, to deliver all raised food from "Food Salvager - Urban Adventure Challenge 2019" directly to our beneficiary. If you are interested in joining the event and help us to deliver the food, you are very welcome to register at our website.  Event details will be announced soon, please stay tuned.

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Can I register to join the adventure by myself?

The race features individual race (1 person) and team race (2 - 4 persons) categories. 

How do I know if I am successfully enrolled?

Online Enrollment only credit card is accepted. you will receive the confirmation e-mail on the same day to verify your online enrollment.

Postal Enrollment If you enroll via postage, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 1 week starting from the submission date of the enrollment forms to verify your offline enrollment.

What should I do if I have not receive any confirmation email?

The email may be marked as spam, please check your spam or junk mail box. Please contact FOODSPORT at 5243 0520 / 3611 0334 if you cannot find the email.

Can I change the Category after submitting my enrollment?

For any necessary update of the team member list / race category after the enrollment, team leader will have to submit a completed "Changing Member & Category Form" with an administration fee (HK$100) on or before 20 May 2019. No change will be allowed after the deadline. The administration fee cannot be regarded as donation and is neither tax-deductible nor refundable.

Are the enrollment fees tax-deductible?

This is not a fund raising event, therefore, all enrollment fees is NOT tax-deductible. The proceeds of the event, after deduction of the event operating costs and the cost of food purchasing for donation, will goes to FOODSPORT's "Food Assistance" and "Community Sport Development"programmes, enables FOODSPORT to continue to sustain and expand our community sports development in Hong Kong.

Why do I need to provide my weight and other personal information for enrollment?

FOODSPORT will be based on your personal data (weight, gender, age), exercise intensity and duration to calculate the calories burnt for conversion into food units for donation.


In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, FOODSPORT is committed to safeguard web users' personal information in respect of its collection, use, retention, security, transfer and access. Personal data should be collected by lawful and fair means and can only be used for lawful purposes directly related to the charity functions and other activities of FOODSPORT. All reasonably practicable steps shall be taken to ensure that personal data collected and retained are accurate and protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use. No personal data shall be disclosed to other organizations or individuals without prior consent of the web users. Only authorized staff of FOODSPORT, who are well trained in proper handling of personal information, are permitted to access such information.

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When should my team and I arrive to the Base Camp (Event Centre)?

Participants/teams must report at the Home Base at their arrival according to the official arrival time. During reporting, all participants / team members must be a present with their number bib on for identification use. Unless the participant / team member has reported to FOODSPORT in advanced, FOODSPORT will not accept any player / team member transfer at the site on race day.


FOODSPORT reserves the rights to NOT accepting any report in if any violation is found.

What should I bring for the race?

  1. All participants/teams must wear the bib number on the chest for identification us, FOODSPORT reserves the right to disqualify those who fail to comply.

  2. Participants / team captain are required to use a smart phone that has already downloaded the "Food Salvager -Urban Adventure Challenge" Mobile App for the use of Checkpoint check in and collect scores.

  3. Spare battery for your smart phone.

  4. Bring your own water bottle for drink to reduce plastic consumption.

  5. Bring some cash and Octopus.

  6. Prepare an oil based marker for writing notes on the map​.

  7. Please take precautions about the weather conditions on race day, such as using sunscreen or wearing suitable clothing.

Can the team go on the competition if there are members absent on the event day?

If any team member is absent or withdrawn for any reason before or during the race, the team can continue to participate but cannot compete for any awards or championship. In any case, for team race if the team has less than 2 players, they cannot start or participate in the competition.

What is the start arrangement of the event?

FOODSPORT reserves the right to divide the participants into various starting groups. The groups will start at different times to avoid unnecessary congestion. Starting time will be announced on the website.

Is it necessary to visit checkpoints as a full team?

For team races, all members must check in at the Checkpoints or complete missions together in order to receive points. Violation of this rule will risk points deduction or disqualification.

Can we continue the competition if our bib is lost during the race?

Yes, but the participant / team has to get a new bib at any the Base Camp before continuing the race. All the obtained scores will not be reissued. Violation of this will risk disqualification​

Is there any specific dress code for the event?

No, but participants are advised to be dressed in a simple, lightweight sportswear. In addition, the teams and corporate are encouraged to dress up in team uniforms to enhance the team morale.

Can we have the Finisher e-certificate if we are unable to attend the game eventually?

The Finisher e-certificate is a proof of completion of game. We are apologized that certificate will not be issued to any absent or did not finished teams.

When will the map be distributed to the participants / team members?

Participants/teams must enter the starting zone according to the official rundown. The map will be distributed to all participants / team members (1 map per participant) at their entry into the starting zone. Once entered into the starting zone with map distributed, no one may leave the area to avoid leaking information or other participants. ​

When will the "Bonus Time" schedule be announced to the participants / team members?

The Bonus Time schedule will be announced inside the Starting Zone after the distribution of the map to the participants / team members through a audio/voice recording. Participants are advised to prepare an oil based marker for writing notes on the map​.

Could I/we follow or join team with another participants / team during the race?

All participants / teams must compete the race on a self-sufficient basis. Any support in whatever form and from whatever source are not allowed. They must not deliberately follow other participants/teams, any violations will be disqualify (DQ) and will not be able to compete for the championship or any awards. The qualifications will be cancelled.

Could I/we travel around in any transportation during the race?

Teams may travel around the site during the race on foot or by public transports such as bus, mini bus, underground, etc.) Traveling with hired vehicle, private vehicles, electric motors or cycling bikes, skaters is prohibited. Any team violation will be disqualified.

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