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Event e-Booklet is now available for download!! Please click HERE to download

Read it carefully and prepare for your adventure~




In the past year, many lives have been affected. While people are less physical and mentally healthy due to limited social interaction and physical exercise, at the same time, the pandemic has also brought a huge impact to the economy. The unemployment rate has continued to rise, causing unemployment and hunger programs at the grassroots levels.


In response to the urgent need, this year’s "Food Salvager-Urban Adventure Challenge 2021", organized by social enterprise FOODSPORT, will be going VIRTUAL in April 2021, allowing the participants to participate the event and exercise for hunger at any time and day within the set period, to donate calories and raise food for our beneficiary "Hong Kong Dog Rescue" and "Foodlink Foundation", providing food assistance to the people and shelter animals in need.

Beside the calorie donation, the proceeds of the event, after deduction of the event operating costs, will go to "FOODSPORT Community Sport" & "Food Assistance" programs, enables FOODSPORT to sustain and expand our community calorie drive programs in Hong Kong. Please see attachment for more details.

Black Sky

Food Salvager Urban Adventure Challenge is a score orienteering event based in an urban area. By using the "UAC Mobile Application", participants may turn orienteering into a game as you explore around the city to find virtual Checkpoints and complete Missions to score points. The score of each Checkpoint and Mission varies depending on it's accessibility and difficulty. Those who achieve the required score within the limited game time will be awarded a Finisher Gift.

The theme of this year’s event is "Galaxy". A group of “Paws-tronaut” from the “Paws-Galaxy” has traveled to Earth, to search for a rare energy source called “The Foodseract”. According to the ancient data, the Foodseract contains an unlimited energy source that could power up the food production machines to solve the food shortage problem and save the Paws-tonaut’s home.


According to the report, the Foodseract is hidden somewhere in Stanley. The Paws-tronauts are now urge for the help from the Hong Kongers to join the searching party, within the set time, use the “UAC Mobile APP” to search for the CheckPoints to collect points and clues, and help the Paws-tronauts to find the Foodseract to address hunger once and for all.




More Flexibility with Virtual Urban Adventure

While maintaining social distancing, even if you cannot participate in a physical event, but you can take this virtual experience to push yourself to be more active to exercise for health and hunger, and to explore the streets community.

50 CP / Missions Available for your to explore

Orienteering is a physical and metal activity. Participants can develop their critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills from the event to discover heir inner-potential.

A New Urban Adventure Experience

The "UAC Mobile APP" 2.0 is released, offering an unique urban adventure experience to all participants in this event. All Individuals and team captains are required to use a smart phone that has already downloaded the Mobile App for the use of Checkpoint check-in to collect scores and start and end the race.




Date & Time:


29th March 2021 (12:00am HKT) - 11th April 2021 (11:59pm HKT)

Event Area :

Stanley (Starting from Stanley Plaza)


Virtual Score Orienteering Event

(Those who achieve the required score will be awarded a Finisher Gift)

Category & Fees :


#On-site registration is available for HK$180 per team / participant at FOODSPORT booth at Murry House on 3, 4, 10 and 11 April 2021 (Saturday and Sunday).
Note: On-site registration accepts credit cards ONLY. NO CASH.


  1. Participant's age is as at the event day (11th April 2021).

  2. Race quotas are limited on a first come first served basis. FOODSPORT may stop accepting application before deadline without prior notice if the categories are full.


Participants (Individual) / teams (Family and Paw & Friend)  who achieve 500 points or more within the limited time will be awarded a Finisher Medal x 1pc and Sponsored Gift x 1set


*Family Group (1 Adult+1 Child) and Paw and Friend Group (1 Adult+1 Dog) counted as 1 unit


1,000pax (First come, first served)





22nd January 2021, 1200 noon –15th March 2021, 1200 noon

Event Day :

29th March 2021 (12:00am HKT) - 11th April 2021 (11:59pm HKT)

Food Donation

Volunteer Service:

To be announced

Finisher Gift Delivery Date:


Post on or before 30th April 2021 to the registered addresses as estimated

Event Info

Days until event day.....





Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS and collect the following information from you and your team members before registration.



Team Members:


Registration  Fees:

English Full Name, HKID/passport No., Contact No., Gender, Date of Birth, Email, Postal Address and Weight (For calorie calculation use) etc. 


- Each team must assign a team leader for event enrollment and communication.
- Each team must provide a Chinese or English team name (Foul language, indecent or offensive

  content will not be accepted)


English Full Name, HKID/passport No., Contact No., Gender, Date of Birth, Email, Postal Address and Weight (For calorie calculation use) etc. 


Please prepare credit card information (Accept MASTER and VISA ONLY) for payment


Once the enrollment is completed, participants will receive a "Confirmation Email" to verify the registration immediately. Please check the registered info carefully. For any necessary update, please contact FOODSPORT immediately. Please email us if participant do not receive any confirmation email 2 weeks after the enrollment forms are submitted.


Remarks: Each participant can only participate in one race category. If there is any repeat, all application form will be void.


Food Salvager Urban Adventure Challenge is an event that requires a lot of team work and strategy, which makes the game very exciting and fun.


Maggie (Participant of UAC2019)



Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) was first set up as a Society in 2003 and gained full charity (non-profit) status in March 2005, registered charity S88#91/7544. It is run by founder, Sally Andersen, a handful of staff and hundreds of dedicated volunteers. What started as a one-person mission is now one of Hong Kong's most active and successful dog rescue and re-homing organisations, with the specific purpose of saving dogs and puppies from the Hong Kong Government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Animal Management Centres.

The organisation has cared for and re-homed more than 9,500 dogs while being largely funded by private donations, sales of HKDR merchandises and fundraising events. HKDR is proud to be a No Kill Organisation, meaning that no dog under its care will be euthanised for any reason other than when it is the only humane option.

HKDR’s 3R missions:

In the also our belief that education is one of the best ways to improve the likelihood of responsible, lifelong, dog ownership, and as such HKDR is actively expanding its community outreach programmes. HKDR volunteers work with schools and other groups to introduce the basics of dog behaviour and training as well as running monthly "Positive Partners" dog-human training courses.

Website :

Make Donations :

Founded in 2001 and registered in 2009, Foodlink Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need, while simultaneously reducing food wastage in hotels and F&B outlets in Hong Kong.

The vision at Foodlink Foundation is to ensure that every person in need has access to a hot, healthy meal. We collect safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over the city and deliver to those in need. The role of Foodlink is to connect the supply to the demand as effectively as possible. The benefits are twofold - while reducing hunger we also reduce the pressure on our city's landfills.


Who Benefits?

Foodlink provides food to local charities that serve people in our community who are vulnerable to hunger. These include children, the elderly, low-income families, asylum seekers, and the homeless, among others. 

Our impact

117 Food Donors

110 Beneficiary Organization

13 tonnes of food saved per week

31,000 meals served per week

Website :

Make Donations :