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FOODSPORT believes exercise not only here to keep people fit, but also it can enrich life, improve community health and address hunger issues. Join us now to exercise for a healthy and hunger!

Community Sports Program

FOODSPORT organizes regular free community calorie drive activities (such as; running, hiking, yoga, fitness etc.) to promote healthy and active living to the public, while exercising, all burnt calories will be converted into the equivalent amount of calories worth of food for donation to charities and the people with needs.

Should there be any interests to support or work together in co-organizing more calorie drive activities for your organization or community, please do not hesitate to contact us.



"FOODSPORT Community Run" is a series of Calorie Drive Street Running program organized by FOODSPORT, We will take you to run at different districts and routes,  to feel the pulse of the city by running, and at the same time, raising food for under-privileged groups in Hong Kong.

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This is calorie drive program to help participants to clear their minds, reduce stress and relieve anxiety through yoga, stretch and meditation workshops while donating calories.

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"URBAN HIKE" is a Calorie Drive Hiking program where we will take app participants to hike and explore different scenery, to raise awareness on green & healthy living, and at the same time, raising food for under-privileged groups in Hong Kong.

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Sport is not only to improve health but it can also empower and enrich individual's life, address hunger and improve community's health. Individuals/corporate/organization are welcome to join our community volunteer services as volunteers to share their love and care to the community by food distribution.

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FOODSPORT provides unique sporting experience, wellness talk and community project to local schools and universities, to foster students to create a healthy exercise habit, build self confidence and pay it forward through sports and community services.

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Services for Corporate / Organization


We are a team with professional event planning and management experiences, with full of innovative and creativity ideas, to embraces every calorie donation opportunity to raise food for our beneficiaries.


FOODSPORT marketing and events is a great way to brand and market your company, product(s) with positive, energetic and healthy image. FOODSPORT welcomes any kind of cooperation on any type of sports events.

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FOODSPORT organizes two mass event named "HUNGER RU" and "FOOD SALVAGER URBAN ADVENTURE" every year, to encourage public to join the calorie drive movement and exercise for health and hunger. ​


Corporate / Organization are welcome to support and participate the event as event sponsors / participants / volunteers, creating opportunities to enhance the team spirit and brand building.

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Human capital is the most valuable asset of an organisation. A successful team-building program is crucial in the development of a organization's employees by enhancing their teamwork and fostering their potential.


Since 201, we have successfully provided unique corporate wellness and training experience for corporate and organizations in Hong Kong.

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FOODSPORT is a social innovation project of "Symbol Of Alliance", a CSR consultant company, who are committed to promoting cross-sectoral cooperation between the business community, non-governmental organizations and charities, addressing poverty and social issues through sport.


FOODSPORT and Symbol Of Alliance offer one-stop corporate social responsibility / creating shared value consultation services, to assist corporate / organization to create it's own sustainable social CSR / CSV model.

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Event Sponsors and Partners
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