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Terms and Conditions


  • Participants must study the rules and regulations listed below carefully. Participants who have completed the enrollment process agree to be abided by the rules and regulations of the event that has been signed up.

  • If the participants provide incorrect information, fail to submit application form & pay for the entry fee, or fail to follow correct enrollment procedure, the Organizer reserves the right to reject their enrollment.

  • All entry fee and additional donations are not refundable. No return, cancellation or transfer for all enrollments, including late and duplicate enrollments.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse any enrollment.

  • The Organizer reserves the right to contact participants for information regarding their enrollment.

  • Once the enrollment is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent to the enrolled email address within 1 working day after the Organizer has received the enrollment. Please contact the Organizer if no confirmation email is received (Email:; Tel: +852 3611 0334).


Rules & Regulations

  • Participant MUST submit / upload all calories / exercise records within the campaign period.

  • Participants MUST prepare and use your own mobile application or activity tracker to track your exercising data (E.g. Exercise Duration, Date and Active Calories Loss). The Organizer WILL NOT provide any device to participants.

  • Participants MUST ensure all required data are all clearly shown on your submitted record (Photo) for The Organizer's verification, otherwise the entry may be disqualified.

  • The Organizer will only accept those submissions that are submitted within the event set period (1 July 2024, 12:00am HKT to 31 July 2024, 11:59pm HKT). Any delay in record submission will NOT be accepted.

  • All gifts will be available for collection at a designated location from mid August 2024. Participants MUST collect the gifts personally by showing the "Collection Email".

  • Oversea postage service is available for oversea participant ONLY. Please fill in the relevant mailing information at registration. Once we have received your oversea post request, our staff will email you to confirm the oversea postal fees and payment methods (Accept MASTER and VISA ONLY) for your further process. All oversea gifts will be mailed to your towards the end of August 2024.


Participant Disclaimer

​By registering and joining this event, all participants declare and agree that: ​

  • His/her/their health condition is suitable for participation of the event.

  • He/she is voluntarily participating in the event and is willing to take all unexpected risks and responsibilities directly or indirectly relating to or arising from the event. The Organizer shall not be liable for any accident, loss, injury or death of the participants.

  • Participants should understand the event content and nature and participation in this event requires physical exertion. Participants should be in sound medical condition capable for participating in the event. The Organizer suggests all participants to monitor their physical conditions deemed fit and capable for participating in the event. In case you are feeling sick or unwell during the event, you should immediately stop the activity.

  • The Organizer reserves the rights to refuse any entry to participate for any inappropriate behavior.

  • Participants may choose to buy or not to buy any insurance according to their personal needs.

  • The Organizer reserves the rights to cancel, postpone or make any kind of adjustment in the event.


Personal Information Collection Statement

  • The Organizer shall abide by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the laws of Hong Kong.

  • The information you provided (including name, telephone number, email address and etc) will be used by Symbol Of Alliance Limited / FOODSPORT to promote its products and events, including (but not limited to) products, promotional activities, concessions, seminars, sports training, etc. If you do not wish your personal information be used for promotional purposes, please email, with the title of "Unsubscribe" or “取消訂閱”.

  • Participants agree that the Organizer may use the participant’s photographs, name, audio and visual recordings and other personal data in any publicity or promotional materials as the Organizer may in its sole and absolute discretion decide.

  • The Organizer will not disclose your personal information to third parties.


Event Registration : 17th May 2024 (Friday) 12:00 noon to 16th June 2024 (Sunday) 23:59.

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