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Mattel CSR Program


Mattel, one of the largest toy manufacturing companies worldwide, demonstrates a strong dedication to improving its performance in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors. To embrace the spirit of Mattel’s “Play it Forward” campaign, the company’s Hong Kong team stepped out into the world’s biggest playground yet… the untamable wilderness, where employees participated in a hike and trail clean-up. As usual, we donated all expended calories to local beneficiaries to feed those in need. Overall, the 3-in-1 event, including exercise, sustainability, and community service was a huge success, with the bonus of fresh air and stunning, panoramic city views.

Scope of Service and Impact

Our team is accountable for accomplishing event-related production and adventure guide sourcing. During the 3-hour hike, we collected over 6kg of non-recyclable trash, 11 plastic bottles, 4 aluminum cans, and 1 glass bottle. We also accumulated an impressive total of 33,463 kcal for food donation, the equivalent of 167 bowls of rice.

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