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“BURNATHON 6000,” one of our brand new campaigns launched in 2023, was among our biggest annual hybrid events.  In July, selecting the exercise of their choice, participants were challenged to burn at least 6,000 kcal within the one-month window. This calorie drive was accessible to all, requiring a simple click on our app to keep track of progress. According to the data provided, burnt calories were transferred into food-equivalent donations and given to local charity partners.

Scope of Service and Impact

As the organizer of “BURNATHON 6000,” we are responsible for devising and arranging all components of the event (including event mechanism, event production, marketing strategies, and sponsorship). With substantial support from corporations and the public, the inaugural “BURNATHON 6000” has already contributed 3,000,000kcal to the Foodlink Foundation, a local Hong Kong food charity.

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