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“Hunger Run” is FOODSPORT’s famed, highly anticipated annual event. It is considered one of the biggest running events in Tseung Kwan O district. Since 2015, this iconic event has successfully implemented hybrid event strategies to engage with over 30,000 participants. “Hunger Run” collects the participants’ expended calories and converts them into food for those suffering from food insecurities. We hope to create positive changes in our community with this fun and popular event.

Scope of Service and Impact

As the organizer of “Hunger Run,” FOODSPORT is responsible for all concept design, preparation, and execution (including the race, event-related production, integrated marketing strategies, sponsorships, and government liaison). With the steadfast support from all participants, volunteers, and corporations over the years, “Hunger Run” successfully donated more than 70,000,000kcal to different local beneficiaries. Additionally, more than 10,000 locals received meals raised from the calorie drive.

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